Covid 19 Protocols

Covid 19, how are we as a clinic keeping you and ourselves safe?

When booking with us, a Covid prescreen will be emailed to you along with your health intake and confirmation email. Please fill it our 24 hours prior to your appointment.

Please do not arrive early to your appointment, or bring anyone with you. Our waiting room is closed for now. When we are ready to greet you, we will text or call you to come on up. We will meet you in the hall.

It is expected that you will arrive wearing a face covering(cloth or surgical), in compliance with Calgary’s face covering bylaw. If you do not have a one, you may purchase a surgical mask for $2 or a cloth mask  for $12.

We will happily meet you in the hall, where we will sanitize your hands and do another Covid 19 prescreen.  If all goes well with your prescreen, we will walk you to the treatment room.

Once in the treatment room, it is business as usual. The only change is that we do require you to wear a mask. When face down, you can pull the mask down to allow comfort . Once you flip onto your back, your mask must be pulled back up covering your nose and mouth. Therapists will be wearing a surgical mask at all times in the treatment room and in common areas of the clinic.

Once your appointment is complete, you can get dressed, and come on out to the waiting area, face covering on. We will either take payment if not prepaid, bill insurance and rebook you in. You may notice that we do not chat too much as we must prepare for our next patient. We will walk you to the door and open it for you.

And that is that! It is pretty simple, and we will walk you through. If you have questions just ask! Hand sanitizer is located in each treatment room and on the front desk.

Please note, bathrooms are closed.

As therapists, what do we have to do?

Well, we do a little more cleaning then before, and wear some PPE. No big deal!

We are all required to wear a surgical mask. Some of us choose to wear an apron, others choose to change attire before and after work. It is up to the therapist what they prefer. The apron is washed after every treatment.

Face shields are also at the therapists discretion. We may wear one when working on your neck and face.

Our hands are washed upon arrival at the clinic,  before and after each treatment, and whenever we feel the need. Gloves are not required during the treatment but, your therapist may choose to use them if they have an open wound, or dry skin.

You may notice to the left of the waiting room door a little whiteboard. Here we post our daily temperature and  AHS prescreen results.

After you leave, we wash our hands, glove up and strip the treatment table. Everything is removed and washed. There is a protective barrier between the table warmer and sheets, as the table warmer cannot be washed.  Everything is washed on high heat.

We use a hospital grade cleaner, Germicide. All surfaces(front desk, waiting room, treatment room) are sprayed and wiped. The floor included. Windows are opened between clients. Our large room that does not have a window has a hepa filter which will be on during your treatment.

Once we are done cleaning, gloves are removed and masks are changed. We recycle all our PPE with Terracycle.

We all feel safe and trust our protocols. If you have any questions please just contact us, we are happy to help!