Table Thai Massage

“Table Thai Massage” has it’s roots in a 2,500-year history and has proven itself many times over to be an incredibly effective part of a health and healing regimen.

In a typical Table Thai Massage you are receiving three things:

Firstly, you are put in guided stretches or yoga poses that are customized for your body and comfortable limits. thai

Secondly, muscles and tissues of the body are massaged, both while you, the client, is being stretched and while you are resting passively on the table.

Finally, energy in the body is being moved by working energy -or meridian- lines that help to release blockages, and which also help to replenish the vital energy that the body so desperately needs.

It’s no wonder many clients when they first receive the massage say things like “I feel 10 years younger” or “two inches taller” or “you helped release something that had been stuck forever.”

At its core, this massage is a moving meditation. It is built on the truth that the energy of loving kindness and compassion is the energy of the present moment. It is timeless, abundant, healing energy. Thai Massage turns that energy into a form so that everything you receive in the massage comes from that central premise.