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Get fully connected by indulging in a package of services for mind, body & spirit healing.  


Complete Wellness Treatment  

An Inhale Exhale Massage Therapy original. 

Immerse yourself in relaxation while receiving this specialized 90- or 120-minute treatment. Massage, reiki and reflexology will be used to create an individualized and unique treatment depending on your needs.

Immune Boost Treatment 

Stave off sickness and support your body with the Immune Boost Treatment. 

This treatment combines Raindrop Therapy and Reflexology to boost immunity, promote relaxation and healing, and aid with stress reduction. 

The Balance Package 

Allow your body to reconnect and balance itself. Craniosacral and massage techniques will be used to aid your body to fall back into balance and soften and release areas of tension and dysfunction. 

Resonance Treatment 

With the use of tuning forks, the body can achieve better Qi (or vital energy) through the vibrational frequency of the soundwaves created by the forks.  

Our bodies are great resonators of sound because they are made up of 60% water, and sound resonates four times faster in water. Common body ailments, stress and anxiety as well as overall balancing are achieved by soundwaves travelling deeply along energy pathways in the body.  

Massage and craniosacral are also incorporated throughout this treatment to achieve new levels of wellness.