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Massage is well known to help with muscle pain, soreness, injury and increase relaxation. But massage supports far more than just physical healing.  

At Inhale Exhale Massage Therapy, not only do we use massage for muscular healing benefits, but we also use various massage therapy techniques to aid in improving circulation, energy and alertness, lowering heart rate and blood pressure, improving immune function and reducing stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue and many other physical, emotional and spiritual ailments. 

We know that massage improves individual emotional and spiritual health as well as physical wellbeing, and we ensure each person is given a treatment plan that is tailored to their individual needs. 


Therapeutic Deep Tissue 

Deep tissue massage is a form of massage therapy that targets deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue of the body. It is primarily used to ease chronic aches and pains as well as repetitive strain injuries or sports injuries. 

An individualized treatment plan will be created to get your body functioning and feeling its best. Specific techniques to target muscles effectively are used in combination with different stretching techniques. 


We all experience stress, and sometimes our bodies take the toll. Tight shoulders, aching backs, stiff neck. Relaxation massage is your ticket to soothing these aches. This form of therapy is not usually aimed at healing injuries or chronic issues but simply to getting to that ‘ahhh’ spot when you need a little lift. 

The healing power of touch can be as gentle as a summer shower, a little rejuvenation to set things right when you need to unwind. 

Trauma Informed

Trauma-informed massage therapy (TIMT) focuses on the physical, mental, and emotional effects of trauma.

The initial interview process will be longer building understanding and boundaries between client and therapist. A space is created to ensure a sense of safety and understanding as the body is allowed to release held trauma and tension.


Whether you’re expecting a little one or are a new mom, the benefits of massage therapy during and after pregnancy are well documented. 

Expectant mothers will find massage helps reduce stress, improve sleep and relieve pregnancy-related discomfort. It is also a good way to help with depression or anxiety that can be caused by fluctuating hormone levels. If mama feels good so does baby! 

Postnatal massage can help with the associated strains of post-childbirth, stress reduction and postural correction. 


Infant massage is a way for you to gently nurture and spend time with your baby. We can help you get started and show you techniques that help benefit sleep patterns and ease fussiness throughout the day. 

There is much research suggesting that there are health benefits of infant massage, these include: 

  • Greater interaction between you and baby 
  • Positively affect infant hormones that control stress 
  • Reduce incidents of crying 

This gentle massage session will teach you how to message your baby for maximum results that you can do at home.  


TMJ Massage involves a specific intra-oral treatment used to alleviate TMJ dysfunction, clicking or popping of the jaw, headaches, and neck tension as well as tinnitus. Many times, we work alongside your dentist to best treat this complicated region. 

Child & Youth 

Stress does not discriminate. Our little ones are not immune to the effects of stress and anxiety. Parents are welcome to sit in on this treatment as we relieve stress, postural concerns, treat injuries and awaken body awareness. Available for ages 2-17.